Class is in Session / by Travis Sennett

I just got back from my first class with Steve Carpenter at his Art Center.  I haven't been so excited for something in a very long time! The class is general painting. My aim is to learn how to use oil paints and hopefully pick up some of Steve's skill set.


For the first piece, I chose the Andre the Giant look-alike statue along the wall. First I drew the head and then Steve came by to give me a few pointers. Show me that the eyes were a bit too big and I had to bring in the jaw a bit. Then, Steve helped me frame the piece. That's why there are all the lines around the head. After deciding how I wanted to frame ot on the canvas, we applied fixative and used the lightbox to transfer the piece to the canvas. Pictured above is the preliminary drawing after applying fixative and transferring (a bit out of focus, whoops).

Next week I will finish the drawing on the canvas and then begin painting. I CAN'T WAIT to get started with the paints!! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!!