Back From A Walk / by Travis Sennett

My first blog post! I thought the day would never come.

On Friday I took Vera for a walk and said to myself, "Alright, this is the weekend I publish my website." We got home, full of motivation. I kicked off my shoes, ran upstairs, and started hammering away on the keyboard. Then I thought, "I should chip away at a drawing while I do this", so I could take breaks from each. I went downstairs and looked for interesting things to draw. Let me tell you, not much in the way of "interesting" to draw in this house. Then I tripped over my shoes for the bazillionth time, and inspiration struck. Rare, I know. Well, 6 days later I have a bare bone webpage, and a drawing of some stinky shoes.  It's a Start.

"It's A Start" - Original is Graphite on Bristol Board, 11x14 inches.

Original is for sale. $150

This is a limited edition, museum quality, giclée print of my drawing "It's A Start". 100 will be printed as they are ordered and then it's done. These will be signed on the front, by hand, numbered on the back with the date printed and a handwritten note. 

8x10: $20

11x14: $25

As this is my FIRST Etsy post, I am offering a 25% off coupon until December 31st. Use FIRSTPOSTPROMO to receive the discount.

Prints can be purchased on my Etsy page